At the beginning of January I made this special cake.

My first ever naked cake, I created without a recipe (like I often do!), with the exact flavors of a tiramisu. And it turned out marvelous! The rich and velvety mascarpone cream contrasts wonderfully with the robust taste of coffee and rich, intense flavor of cocoa powder…

I made a small sponge cake (cutting heavily on butter and sugar, as they are two ingredients I don’t make much use of in my cooking). I then let it cool down for several hours- and overnight in the fridge- before dividing it in three layers. I then brushed/soaked each layer with coffee to add moisture, then started assembling the cake alternating sponge cake, thick layers of mascarpone cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.

When the layers were piled up, I inserted a plastic straw to keep everything in place, spooned the remaining cream on top and lightly frosted the entire cake (making sure to leave the layers exposed), to then finish off with a dusting of cocoa powder. Finally, I decorated with fresh greenery and two red roses arranged in a mini glass bowl with oasis.

It was a real success!

Thinking of that later on, it’s funny to realize that among all types of cakes, I chose to make a naked cake. I believe it was not a coincidence- it’s precisely what I have to learn at this stage of my journey.

Sometimes being emotionally naked is inevitable.

And learning how to embrace vulnerability is an exciting part of this human journey.

Monica xoxo