Do the Work

“And you? When will you start the long journey into yourself?” – Rumi

What is soulwork?

Your most important relationship ever in your life is that with yourself.

No person that can tell you anything at all about you: no psychologist, no expert, no doctor, no guru, no parent, no life partner, no spouse, no best friend. Nobody knows you, your own heart, your own journey, your own intentions for this lifetime as a soul, your true calling, what makes you truly happy and fulfilled…  if not your Soul.

When you embark on a journey to know yourself, you’re on a journey of consciousness- the most important and beautiful thing you can do while here on beautiful planet Earth (… and actually what you’re here for!). Aren’t you tired yet of the small, inauthentic sides of you? Aren’t you tired of all your masks, that come along with lack of freedom to be yourself openly and truly, exactly as you are? Are you speaking and living your Truth? Do you feel full of energy, passionate and unconditionally grateful for your life? How many questions and prayers are there in your heart, that go unanswered?

All the answers you’re looking for are inside you, already- but you have to know yourself first.

And let’s be honest: there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Simply because it is along the way, in the Now moment after Now moment after Now moment, that you learn your lessons and live your life. The purpose of this life is not arriving at your destination! It is enjoying yourself an awful lot along the journey!

You can’t enjoy yourself consciously and deliberately if you go through your journey in autopilot and blindfolded.

And you can’t know yourself and transform yourself and your life overnight, or without doing a lot of work- simply because the grandest enjoyment of your Soul is walking on the path and savor each step! :)

This journey is not for the faint- hearted, it’s not for the lazy and impatient ones. It’s for patient, determined, committed, unstoppable, passionate, authentic Seekers.

How to get to know yourself, then?

You simply have to be brave enough to dive deep into yourself, venture into the unknown without being scared, and being open to what you’re going to find there.

What’s the purpose to invest so much effort, time and energy into this practice?

Ultimately, the purpose of soulwork is that you raise your awareness and energetic frequency (your “vibration“), so that you can start making deliberate, conscious choices for yourself instead of living your life in autopilot. It helps you open your heart and mind. It helps you see clearly, and gain great wisdom. And definitely, bring deep peace, fulfillment, contentment, love and JOY into your life experience.

This way, not only will you life take off, but together, we can change the world. Soulwork is not just for those who are spiritually awakening (there’s a mass awakening in act on planet Earth right now), but for everyone. More authentic, conscious, deliberate people on the planet will definitely have a huge impact on the vibration of humanity as a whole.

Soulwork is not a practice, but a way of living. If you’re just starting, it seems like a difficult thing to do, but the more you get used to it, the more natural it becomes- so that you’ll even stop thinking about it!

You’ll desire to do it all the time, because you’ll realize the beneficial effects it has on you and your life!

Tools for Soulwork that I personally use:

Below you can read more about the methods that I personally use, that I’ve discovered and practiced just following my intuition over the years.


With this type of activity, that I started just intuitively eight years ago (when I wasn’t aware of anything about spirituality), and then considerably expanded in the last four years and a half, I discovered that you can clear your energy from all negativity, purify your thoughts and your heart, dive really deep into yourself and access your own personal power.

All you have to do is lace your boots or sneakers, and go out!

While walking, running, hiking (in solitary) scrutinize your heart and mind. You can also stop with your journal, or write the insights that come to you on your phone: Nature is healing in itself and will inspire you.

See if your heart has been pure in all areas of your life.

  • See if you’ve treated yourself well, honored yourself, your inner truth. You can ask yourself if you’ve put all your energy into what you were doing, giving 100% of yourself. If you’ve loved yourself enough, if you’ve established boundaries strong enough, if you’ve respected yourself, if you’ve eaten well, etcetera. If not, what is holding you back, what do you fear? Be detailed about your feelings and your fears, be willing to look at them courageously, take them out of your heart and let them surface into your conscious awareness. This is purely enough, you don’t have to find “solutions” or to “fix” anything. Just raise your awareness.
  • Check and double check with yourself if you’ve been loving, compassionate, forgiving, graceful with others. Whenever a problem arises, you can ask yourself: “Was my heart pure in that circumstance? What could I do better?”. You must be completely honest with yourself: you can lie to anyone else, but not to yourself. That’s why people are often scared by this type of introspection, as they believe they’re bad and or to be monsters, or to have failed. Yet it is the one and only path for freedom in this life, and you can’t avoid it- sooner or later you’ll have to face yourself.
  • Connect to something bigger than you are- whatever the name you give it (God, Universe, Divine, Soul, etc). Fill yourself with this powerful energy, let it fill every cell of your body, your heart, mind, soul- all of your being. Let it remove from you all your negativity, and trasmute it into love and light. Surrender all results to the Divine. Be willing to let go of your attachment to things, people, situations, feelings, negativity, etc.
  • Repeat affirmations in your mind, ponder them for the sake of pondering, feel them.
  • Contemplate the Beauty around you, in you, in the people in your life. Contemplate yourself, and your life: let it pass in front of your eyes, with no judgment whatsoever. Just look.


All you need for this practice is a notebook, a pen, and some dedicated time without interruptions. It could be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 2 hours. Don’t let your mind sabotage you believing and affirming you have no time. Remember that when you really, really want something, you have all the time you need!

  • Write what comes to mind, don’t think about what to write, or trying to write it well. Just let it come out of you naturally and spontaneously. Don’t censor yourself.
  • Re- read your journals every now and then (don’t let the fear of having to feel bad emotions again scare you… your ego will try hard to sabotage you this way! ;)). Use markers, stamps, a pencil to write notes on the margins, mark important passages, find answers. This raises your awareness considerably.
  • You can take this practice one step further, and do visual journaling with art or collage. There’s an ongoing series of posts on my blog regarding journaling and soulwork, as I’m passionate about it. You can check it out if you wish, here.
  • A particular kind of journal I use everyday is a Gratitude Journal. Gratitude is a powerful spiritual practice, that can transform your life. Just write down your blessings (in case you’re  having a difficult time, there are ALWAYS blessings, even in the toughest moments!), without thinking and following your intuition. You can do at bedtime, every single day, or any time. A great part of my work is devoted to gratitude and this type of journaling, so please stay tuned for posts on my blog and my books.


Meditation is the portal to your Soul and your innermost Truth. For this reason it is essential for your well- being to carve out even a little time each day for it. The purpose of meditation is to quiet your mind, so that you can listen to your Soul. If your mind is chattering all the time, and you’re constantly busy, you have no access whatsoever to the guidance of your Soul. Your Soul is always calling, always gently guiding you about your life (accordingly to your intentions for this lifetime prior to coming into your body), always offering you support, answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems. But if your mind is a constant mess and you think or speak too much, or you keep yourself busy all the time, you can’t of course be able to tune yourself into the frequency that allows you to hear.

  • Even a short meditation each day, as short as 5- 10 minutes, helps.
  • Find a quiet place where you’re not going to be disturbed, sit down in a comfortable position with your back straight, close your eyes, breathe, and don’t move. Don’t resist the stillness, let it be. Just breathe, and listen. Don’t judge your thoughts or try to block them out, or to not feel your feelings- only notice them.
  • There are many wonderful resources out there for meditation ideas: blogs, books, lovely people that can offer you guidance. Trust your heart about what is right for you.
  • Whenever you feel stressed or pressured, find a quiet place and repeat this practice for even minutes. You will feel relieved and recentered.
  • In meditation, you can do deep energy cleaning. You can clean yourself from negativity using a rose for example, and making it swirl around you- from your root chakra up to the crown- absorbing negativity as it moves up (and visualizing it becoming darker and darker). I use a red or white rose. Then move it away from you at the speed of light, and explode it in space to release the negative energy and allow the universe to transmute it.
  • You can clean your chakras in other ways using your intention (… be creative! I love using a vacuum cleaner or a magical shower! LOL).
  • You can cut cords with negative people.
  • You can ask for help to Angels, your Guides, and High Energy beings.
  • You can pray.
  • You can shield yourself with a sphere of light.
  • You can block out dark energies, using your intention and ordering them to leave your space.
  • You can do creative visualizations and plant seed for manifestation.
  • You can fill yourself with light, and Source energy.
  • You can remotely converse with someone, and they will get it in non- local communication.

… And a lot of other things! Have fun! :)


What I’ve found out from my own experience, is that photography encourages stillness and presence in the moment.

Stillness is essential for spiritual growth.

  • You can use photography to stay present, as it zeros you in. Take pictures of whatever catches your attention, it doesn’t need to be a landscape, or a perfectly styled picture to be effective- quite the contrary, actually! Take pictures of your life unfolding, acknowledge the magnificence of the universe, for example, photographing signs you see on your path, or freezing with a click a peak experience: an inner shift, a moment of surrender or deep awareness. Capture anything that will remind you of that, to keep in mind how far you’ve come, how you’ve transformed, how your life is getting better and better each day.
  • Use photography when you’ve got an headache or any physical symptom, as this practice brings you in the Now moment, forces you to be present- and if you do with intention, it will alleviate your symptoms (or make them disappear altogether!).
  • Focus on the beauty surrounding you, the unconditional celebration of being alive, the love in your heart. Let they expand inside you.
  • Focus on your personal enjoyment, your happiness while youre taking pictures. Revel in that feeling of well- being and JOY!
  • If you have negative thoughts regarding something, go out with your camera and purposefully look for evidence of the contrary! For example, if you are worried and weighed down by thoughts and feelings of lack, go out and look for evidence of abundance, and take pictures. If you feel tired, go out for a walk and take pictures of your feet, your body that moves freely, your surroundings that you can savor just because of your ability to move freely, and feel the energy of Nature. If someone close to you is ill, go out and immerse yourself in the natural flow of well- being, take pictures that remind you of that, and send your loved ones positive vibes of that magnificent abundance of well- beingness through your heart!


Affirmations and inspirational words zero you in immediately.

Expose your subconscious mind all the time to affirmations and inspirational words. Keep them under your eyes.

  • Hang prints on your walls.
  • Make affirmation stones.
  • Place post- its around your workplace or home, in your agenda, on your mirror or fridge, wherever you see them often.
  • Memorize the words. They will come to mind whenever you need them.

Let your words be minimal, sound good and have rhythm so you can remember them. They must be grabbed by your psyche as you look at them. If the information is too long or complicated, your mind will discard it.


Chores are a wonderful opportunity to do soulwork. Turn the music off, the tv off, and lose yourself into what you’re doing.

  • Be mindful. It’s just you and you, you and your Soul, you and God. Nothing else than that.
  • Contemplate your life, and yourself in it. Contemplate Nature outside your windows.
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Ask questions, and then stop asking, and listen to the answer. It may come to you straight away, or in the following days.
  • Clean yourself and your heart and your mind while you’re cleaning dishes, floors, clothing… Use your intention for this, intending that it works for you.
  • Expand your heart, open it, defrost it.
  • Dance! Be foolish! Be you! Wall out! :)
  • Use your creativity, and do whatever you like! There are no rules, there’s nothing limiting you if not your self- imposed limitations.


Water has amazing spiritual and healing properties. It is magnetically attractive, so it can hold energy: so it carries your prayers and intentions, washes away negative energy, and brings you inspiration, creativity, and fresh ideas! A super easy way to do soulwork!

I discovered this type of showers years ago just following my Soul’s guidance! I’ve been using them ever since, finding great benefit.

  • Showers easily allow you to enjoy quiet and moments of solitude.
  • Take showers of at least 15- 25 minutes, ideally not when you are in a rush in the morning because you have to go to work and you’re late! Of course, the purpose of this type of “spiruitual showers” is not to wash yourself in the first instance! :) They work great in the evening, to cleanse your aura from negativity.
  • When I feel anxious, or have come into contact with negative people or circumstances, I always take a shower. And I take a shower each day before bed. I close my eyes and envision the water gently touching my head removing all the thoughts, beliefs, fears and worries and whatever is not from the Light and Spirit. I envision water literally washing them away from my head, visualizing all the negative energy going down to my shoulders, and then down to my hip, down to legs, feet, and away with the sudsy water. Repeat this again and again until you’re completely free from negativity and feel light.
  • Showers help you receive insights. Keep a notebook and pen in your bathroom, where you can access it quick. Wash yourself, then spend some time (at least 10 minutes) with your eyes closed, and *feel* the water wash over you. Do not open your eyes. Just *feel* the water wash over you, until you’re kinda not feeling it anymore and you are deeply present in the moment. Focus on the current challenge/problem you want to receive Guidance about. Leave any thought about it out, and do not think about the outcome or to fix anything. Just *feel* the water on your head, going down. Practice to be quiet. You may ask directly, to God/ Source/Spirit/the Universe (or whatever the name you use) “Show me”, or “Thank you for your Guidance”, but then stop asking and allow the answer to come in. It usually happens that more than one idea comes to you, also not specifically related to that challenge/problem but related to other things/challenges in your life. Keep your eyes closed, and keep feeling the water, until the answer/guidance about what to do next is clear. Then, come to your senses, and before turning the water off and opening your eyes, breathe and repeat the things that have come to you/ideas (otherwise all vanishes fast as you open your eyes). Hold them tight. You may want to write them down as you walk out of the shower.
  • If you take a bath, better to keep the tap open so the water moves.