WHOA. It has been quite a year!

The word LOVE chose me to be my guiding word for 2017, and it was nothing short of spectacular to acknowledge its presence in my life.

Not only did it guide, but challenged me big ways. It pushed me to the edge, and prompted me to make very uncomfortable choices.

LOVE prayed me to give it a possibility, and really open myself to it. It asked me to revisit my beliefs about it, and heal my core wounds more and more fully. It demanded me to let go of my fears. It prompted me to choose self- compassion and self- forgiveness again and again. It urged me to take a risk and tell the unadulterated (painful) truth to a person close to me I care about. It exhorted me to abandon my own views and plans for my life, and surrender to my Soul’s plan. It whispered in my ears to get rid of almost all my material possessions- many of my “treasures” included. It made me abandon my dreams, my home, my location- the English countryside, the place where I belong and I have dreamt of for all my life- all my certainties, and move back to Italy. It invited me to choose JOY, and what turns my whole being on, even if it’s foolish and unreasonable. It implored me to not give up with it, and then asked me to let go. It wanted me to trust the Universe with all my heart, and leap in the darkess.

I did it all.

I felt it all.

I survived.

I cried all of my tears, with the most incredible peace in my heart and mind, and total absence of judgment, regret or worry. And I giggled staring at myself in the mirror. ‘Cause I know and I know that I know.

And here I am welcoming 2018 with open arms and a fuller heart.

Monica xoxo

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