In a world that lives pretending that we have enough, we are enough, and it’s ok to be average, I WANT MORE.

In a world where people try their best to dim their own light with their own hands with the precise purpose to make it though life enduring the lowest amount possible of pain and discomfort- dying little by little, safe choice after safe choice- I WANT MORE.

In a world where people keep focusing on their own little picture, just caring about their own family and ignoring others; where people hide themselves in their own insecurities and fears; where they don’t express what’s in their heart, for fear of shame, judgment, failure or discomfort, or because they think it’s not important, and keep living with their hearts and eyes shut, I WANT MORE.


I want all their passion, their joy, their innermost feelings, their deep fears, their doubt, their scars, their raw beauty. I WANT ALL OF THEM.

I want to tell them about me, and want them to tell me about themselves. I want their skeletons, I want to take mine out of the closet, knowing that I’m safe with them. I want to inspire each other, grow together. I want to hold their hands when they’re about to fall, want their own holding me when I’m on the verge of a precipice. I want to cry with them, laugh with them, hug them tight- and let them hug me. I want to jump and run and dance and sing and smile and yell and scream from the rooftops with them. I want to expect more and more from them, and that they expect more and more from me. I want to WATCH them, with my full attention, all my eyes for them- oh yeah. Not ignore them.

I want to cry out loud for their success, cheer them on- and want that they do the same with me. I want to love them fully, deeply, desperately, madly, forever, and I want that type of love in return. I want that they take my breath away for how proud and moved and excited I am for something they do. I want them to surprise me, to amaze me- and I want to do the same for them.

I’m not satisfied with enough.

Lukewarm is not enough for me.

This is the one and only life I conceive as worth living.

Monica xoxo

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