Out of the blue, several months ago, I deeply felt I needed to move forward.

I kept sensing a strong energy of stagnation coming from my website, that made me feel stuck.

I realized that my blog and website- which are an authentic reflection of who I am– were not aligned to my own Truth anylonger.

Not because I was not operating accordingly to my Truth anylonger, mind you. Quite the contrary!

Because I had grown spiritually by leap and bounds, my online presence with the old website wasn’t any longer able to keep up with that exponential growth. The “box” that I had built for myself caged me. It bonded me to the ground when my instinct was to fly higher.

I felt a strong, inspired urge to expand my heart and soul more and more. Without boundaries.

My personal transformation is apparent, everyone who has known me (for many years or for just a few) notices it, and I am the first one to be shocked and amazed for it. A single post wouldn’t be sufficient to explain it in detail, and so I will let you understand it by yourself by reading my posts (should you wish to follow my journey!). Many are the gorgeous people who have followed me for years since my appearance on the blogging scene in 2008 (with “The White Bench” blog), and they attest such a metamorphosis on a regular basis.

I am no longer the person I used to be, yet the very same at the core- I feel like I was born anew.

While remaking this website, that had become more “professional” transitioning from Blogger to WordPress, and changing name (to my own name), I felt very deeply the necessity to rebrand. But at that point, none of the options I thought of felt right. All of a sudden, “The White Bench”- came to mind. And it felt just perfect.

I stayed with the idea for a while before deciding, and seeking inside myself the reason why that ‘old’ name still had meaning for the ‘new me’, I realized that the color white is associated with light, purity, brilliance, illumination, cleanliness, and perfection.

The symbolic meaning of the bench is pause, rest and contemplation. Which are the basis of any journey of spiritual awakening, my own journey, and all my work.

With this blog, I intend providing you a quiet space to do just that.

Just like we are instantly uplifted after a storm when we see the light, or the light at the end of a tunnel; just like we take a sigh of relief when during a long walk we find a bench to sit down and rest for a while, and contemplate the scenery, with this blog I wish to provide you tools and inspiration that will allow you to feel uplifted, happy, light, relieved, comforted, peaceful, recharged, empowered, and full of energy.

I wish to invite you to contemplate your life- and yourself in it.

Without pressing the button ‘pause’, and taking the time to contemplate, I wouldn’t have grown the way I have. For spiritual growth and personal transformation, quiet, pause, stillness, rest and contemplation are mandatory.

Once again, I’ m teary- eyed for JOY realizing the magnificence of this Universe. All the guidance I asked for and I needed for the next chapter of my journey was given to me.

Actually, I giggled while looking up to the sky in awe and with gratitude, realizing that all I needed was already there.

Monica xoxo

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