{November, 4th, 2017}

I’s very early in the morning- 3.51 am to be precise. And I’m here writing. Lately, it seems a very good way to come out of my mind and connect to my heart, if I happen to get up feeling I’m not completely serene. I find it very inspiring to capture the inspiration that comes to me in the right moment it happens. And this morning, once again, it was the case.

The very first thing it came to me when I awoke, and was there liying in bed, moving from one position to the next with worries about certain circumstances in my life trying to build up in me, was to think like God does. To look at such circumstances and everything through the eyes of Source. I know that I feel like myself 100% (= at peace with myself and others and the universe at large, and in a state of grace) when I think like God- LOVE- thinks, when I am like God, and when I look at myself and my life circumstances through the eyes of God. And so, when I think with Love, when I am Love, and look at myself and the world through the lens of Love. What I’ve learnt during my journey of awakening, is that nothing good comes from looking at myself and my life circumstances through the lens of fear.

When I think with a worrisome feeling of a certain situation in my life that causes me some kind of stress, I just have to stop and look at it through the eyes of Source. For God, there is no problem! God knows no error, no mistake, no fault- and is never defeated. He never doubts, is never worried- and I think the whole concept of “worry” would make God laugh out loud,  because in the spiritual reality, time doesn’t exist- so there’s no future- that is an illusion of this physical world, that causes our mind to worry and fear. Everything happens in this awesome Now. Now after Now after Now after Now after Now. … What’s to worry in this Now?!? I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced this, too, in particular moments of your life, like watching a heart- wrenching sunset, making love, looking at a baby or holding a baby in your arms, living an experience that makes you happy without limits, looking in someone else’s eyes, for example- when I’m completely present in this moment, every other thought fades away. I feel the deliciousness of this Now with all the fibers of my being. I am completely aligned with the Source of Being- this all- encompassing Presence that just is. What’s to worry- Now?

And I notice again and again, that if I indulge in the negative thoughts that cause me worry and fear, I instantly feel disconnected from this Presence that I am- from God. And it’s the reason why I feel so imbalanced and not serene. And of course, I’m far from feeling good.

So what do I do? When a thought of loneliness arises, I remind myself that God is Presence, and now there can be only presence. When a thought of abandonment arises, I remind myself that I can never be abandoned in an universe where all is pervaded by this Presence, and where everything is connected. When a thought os lack surfaces, I see myself and my life through the eyes of God, laughing at the whole concept of lack- because thuth is, abundance is all there is! I made this experiment the other day, while I was torturing myself with some negative thoughts about lack, and I went out with my camera, to capture evidence of abundance. In Nature there’s just that! I observed through my lens infinite leaves, shapes, colors, branches, grass bleeds. The Beauty of that abundance and realization was intoxicating! I was there, moved to tears in the middle of a meadow, all wrapped in a warm, cosmic hug! What’s there to worry when you feel this warmth, deep inside? When I think negatively about my relationships, or about the choices of someone else that I care about, and would like them to be different, I put everything into perspective when I am like God, and look at the other person through the eyes of Love. Love doesn’t force, always allows. God never imposes His will on anyone, He just leaves us free to make whatever choice we want to make. He never judges our choices, but is just delighted in whatever we choose, for JOY is in expanding from within, and creating each moment anew. Now after Now after Now after Now after Now. When I think of the choices of someone else close to me that would make me happier, and immediately shift my thinking to God’s thinking, I realize that my happiness is independent of the choices of anyone else, because my JOY comes from within, not from without. And so I’m the happiest when I’m balanced in myself, when I’m aligned with who I truly am (an individualization of God in a physical body), and nobody else is responsible of that with their own choices. What can happen is that the more I align myself with my own inner Presence and JOY- and they align themselves with their own- a most wonderful relationship can take place, because it’s two loving, conscious people that are aligned with Love itself coming together for the purpose of co- creation. Otherwise, there would always be imbalance, if one of the two aligns themselves with the choices and the JOY of the other, instead of their own. It would be like affirming that the other perosn may be happier if I choose a type of JOY that is different from my own and is more like theirs. It makes no sense to me, and it certanly makes no sense to God! Fearing that someone else can make choices that can hurt me or make me suffer, is not looking at them through the lens of Love, that knows no suffering, that sets free, and rejoyces in giving itself fully and with abandon- without expecting anything in return. Just because it’s soo joyful giving of yourself! Have you ever felt that deep JOY of giving yourself away fully? I do all of the time! And that is God. It’s being like God. So what’s to worry about someone else’c choices? As for me, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a person that I love (any person, really!) soar and be happy and fulfilled. And I believe that God feels the same.

And so, playing this game, thinking like God thinks, being like God is, looking at everything through His eyes, I just find my peace again.

It’s time to be back to bed now. In this magnificent Now, it has started raining softly- I hear it on the skylight above my desk. Music to my ears! The next time you’ll find yourself worrying, anxious, doubting, or desiring someone else to make choices that would make you happier, try playing this game. And think like God does. You’ll instantly find peace, and put everything into perspective again.

Much love to you,

Monica xoxo

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